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Growing Leaders

Publisher: CPAS



Ten sessions to grow and develop emerging and existing leaders.

Developing leaders is a priority for all churches. Research consistently demonstrates the clear link between leadership and the health and growth of a church.

And with the realities of mission and ministry in an ever changing culture, developing mission-minded leaders is a vital way of equipping the Church for the opportunities of the 21st century.

CPAS is committed to seeing Christians exercise leadership in a godly way in both their gathered church communities and in their Monday to Saturday lives. Growing Leaders offers a great way to develop such leadership. Over 10,000 people have now been through the course, and this new edition will contribute to the development of many more leaders, both emerging and existing.

Growing Leaders is run over ten months with one session a month. There are three parts to the course, each one having a particular focus:

  • Part 1: Firm foundations for Christian leadership
  • Part 2: Key skills for Christian leadership
  • Part 3: Keeping faithful in Christian leadership

Between sessions, participants meet with their mentors to help them integrate what they are learning into their life and leadership.