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Prayer request on behalf of Ian Bentley, Archdeacon of Lynn

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It is with a heavy heart that I write with news concerning the health of Ian Bentley, Archdeacon of Lynn. Ian has this week been diagnosed with cancer. This has come as a shock to the whole family as he has not been particularly unwell.

A colonoscopy revealed cancer in the bowel and scans have further revealed it has spread to his liver. The family were expecting a stage 1 diagnosis so this is a huge shock. The next step is a more detailed scan on the liver followed by chemotherapy to try to shrink the cancer on the liver before considering operating on the bowel. Further advice and details from specialists at Addenbrookes will follow the next scans.

Ian is continuing to work, but with a lighter schedule as he and his family adjust to this news. Please be aware of this before you consider contacting him.

Ian has asked that we pray for:

-comfort, peace, guidance and that the chemotherapy will effectively shrink and do what it needs to do to the cancer on his liver.

– that it doesn’t spread elsewhere in the meantime

– for strength for himself and Caroline as he goes through treatment

– for the whole family as they face this journey together and for their health during this time

Dear friends, please can I ask you to join me in holding Ian, Caroline and their family in prayer at this time and in the weeks to come, that they may know the healing power of God in Jesus on this particular journey?

With every blessing,

+Graham Norvic: