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Parish data, forms, statistics & maps

APCM forms, Data Protection Forms, Electoral Roll forms, Parish demographics and statistics and more.

APCM forms

Every parish conducts an Annual Parochial Church Meeting not later than the 31 May. Download a range of forms for nominations, finance, Statistics for Mission and more. There are a range of forms and statements PCCs are required to complete each year. The Return of Parish Finance form and the Statistics for Mission form

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Data Protection Forms

Every PCC member is required to complete a Data Protection Form where they confirm their contact details and give or withdraw consent for how we share their contact details.

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Electoral Roll forms

Every PCC is required to maintain an Electoral Roll of church members. Download the forms in Word and PDF format. In order to ensure that you are reviewing the most up-to-date forms, please visit the Parish Resources website at this link.

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GDPR for churches

Just like any other charity or organisation, all parishes must comply with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). The Regulations give individuals more rights and protection in how their personal data is used by organisations. The national Church of England Parish Resources website has a page of advice, guidance, templates and a checklist

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Maps of parishes/benefices

View larger map It is important to note that map boundaries are set by the Church Commissioners and changed only by Pastoral Measure. We cannot show adapted, draft or ‘working’ boundaries which have not been formally approved. Norwich Archdeaconry Norwich East Norwich North Norwich South Norfolk Archdeaconry Blofield Deanery Depwade

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Parish Dashboards

Parish dashboards are summary PDF documents, created by the Church of England’s Research & Statistics unit, showing attendance and participation information as well as parish-level census and deprivation statistics. These dashboards have been produced to provide a clearer picture of what is happening in parishes than is contained in the

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Parish Persons Dashboard

Manage the data we hold about people in your parish(es); confirm who has what role and advise us of changes. LOGIN TO VIEW YOUR PARISH PERSONS DASHBOARD  The dashboard area shows all the people within your parish who are recorded in the central Diocesan database. It enables you to add

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