Church Buildings Commission Public Survey

17 November 2022

Church buildings; heritage asset, community space, ancient places of worship or all of these? We want to hear from you.

There are over 650 Anglican church buildings across Norfolk and Waveney – the area covered by the Diocese of Norwich. 95% are Grade 1 listed buildings, many are ancient places of prayer and worship, others serve their communities in all sorts of other ways and many contain centuries worth of heritage.

But this provides a huge challenge for today.


What would it look like to you if your local church was no longer in use or had to close because there’s no one to look after it? Would it matter to you?


Ancient churches have been lost for many reasons over the centuries; plague, famine, communities moving on. Many of Norfolk’s churches are in very rural areas. Without interest, activity or a local community, we may have to cease using them.


An independent Church Buildings Commission team is compiling a report on the future sustainability of Anglican church buildings in Norfolk and Waveney so we can better utilise them today and in the future.


They would like to hear from you.


Please follow this link and fill in the online survey. Your view is important.

Questions in the survey (but please click on the link above to complete it)

  • If your local church building closed, how would you feel about it?
  • What is your opinion of church buildings in the landscape of Norfolk?
  • Who do you think owns these churches?
  • Who do you think should own these churches?
  • Who do you think should be responsible for the upkeep of these churches?
  • How important do you think church buildings are for life events, such as weddings, funerals and baptisms/naming ceremonies?
  • How important do you think it is that church buildings are used for the benefit of the wider (non-worshipping) community?
  • What do you believe are the key factors that might prevent the wider (non-worshipping) community from being involved with their local church building?
  • What do you think are the main factors that prevent a church building from being a sustainable resource into the future for wider community activities?
  • Would you be prepared to engage in any of the following to support your local church building? Tick all that apply
  • What would encourage you to become involved in some way with your local church building? Tick all that apply
  • Do you believe that your wider community feels a sense of responsibility for their local church building?
  • How important would the use of a church building for non-worshipping activities be in contributing to a sense of local community?
  • What do churches need to offer in order to be attractive as venues for wider events and ventures?  Tick all that apply.
  • How often do you use your local church for quiet reflection or prayer (other than attending a service)
  • How often do you attend a service at your local church
  • Are there any activities that you would like to see the church in your community used for?
  • Are there any activities that you would object to seeing the church in your community used for?


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