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Ways of Assessing RE – Substantive Knowledge and Ways of Knowing

Tuesday 22 October at 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm


This session on ZOOM is designed to introduce staff to how we can assess in RE in a multi-disciplinary way. It will consider the pillars of knowledge Ofsted considers builds an RE Curriculum. It will focus on how we can assess Substantive Knowledge in RE in a meaningful way. The session will explore assessing the multi-disciplines in RE by building on the Ways of Knowing that forms the current Age-Related Expectations. It will also consider how we manage, challenge and begin to assess a child’s personal knowledge in RE. It will offer practical resources to explore how your school might assess substantive knowledge through the three disciplines as well as the ways to collect evidence to make firm judgements of pupil’s achievement and progress in RE. In undertaking this course, you will then be sent exclusive access to the moderation and exemplification resources to assess pupil’s Ways of Knowing and a NEW assessment suite that tests Disciplinary and Substantive Knowledge in RE.

Audience: Primary School Teachers / support staff who deliver RE in ALL schools (Community, Church of England and academies)


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