Parish of Brockdish


Listed below are the names of each of the churches within the parish. You can click on each to view the church buildings in further detail:

Key contacts

The Revd Canon Nigel Tuffnell

Licensed clergy - Incumbent: Rector, Redenhall with Scole (Benefice)
The Rectory
10, Swan Lane
IP20 9AN

The Revd Sue Auckland

Licensed clergy - Curate OLM (Ordained Local Minister), Redenhall with Scole (Benefice)
8 Karen Close
IP21 4DL

The Revd Timothy Rogers

Licensed clergy - Assistant Curate, Redenhall with Scole (Benefice)
50 Harvest Way
IP20 9GD

Mr Jamie Worthington

Licensed Reader / Lay Minister, Redenhall with Scole (Benefice)

Mr John Taylor

Licensed Reader / Lay Minister, Redenhall with Scole (Benefice)
North Villa
Bush Green
IP21 4YA

Mrs Lynda Mansfield

Reader / Lay Minister with PtO, Redenhall with Scole (Benefice)
Turnpike Cottage
Scole Road
IP21 4AL

Mrs Ann Cork

Churchwarden, Brockdish (Parish)
2 The Terrace
41 The Street
IP21 4JY

Mrs Jan Croxson

Churchwarden, Brockdish (Parish)
Orchard End
15 The Street
IP21 4JY

Mr Dennis Dixon

PCC Secretary, Brockdish (Parish)

Mr Tom Bell

PCC Treasurer, Brockdish (Parish)

Mrs Gillian Green

Benefice/Group Treasurer, Redenhall with Scole (Benefice)