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Church in the sun

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In June, 20 children and their families visited St Benedict’s Church in Horning for the first ever ‘Church in the Sun’ gathering!

The Rector, Revd Ben Bradshaw, began the service by exploring Genesis 1 and spoke about how we can give thanks that God made the sun. The children then thought about and offered lots of excellent answers as to why the sun is so important and listed all the different things that we need it for.

Fr Ben then concluded by teaching that Jesus is the light of the world and how Christ can, like the sun, also shine in our lives. Everyone then headed outside to enjoy the wonderful sun and to take part in lots of different games and activities; there was even a BBQ and Ice cream! When the young people needed some shade from the sun, they came back inside the church and completed a treasure hunt which helped them to discover all the different things that we have in church and why we have them.