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“Greener” banking

The JustMoney Movement is encouraging Christians to switch to more ethical banks to phase out the financing of fossil fuels ( While the Diocese cannot recommend banks, a column has

Children, Youth & Families

Headteachers’ conference 2024

For many years the Diocesan Board of Education has organised a conference for all the headteachers in its schools and academies. The theme this year was ‘How’s your vision? Leading


Women, Slavery and the Church

The University of Liverpool’s Centre for the Study of International Slavery (CSIS), in collaboration with the Church of England Racial Justice Unit (CoERJU), is bringing together community researchers, academics and theologians

Lay development

Diocesan Synod Elections 2024

Elections to our Diocesan Synod take place every three years. This is where each deanery in the diocese elects its clergy and lay representatives to represent them on a diocesan level for a term of three years.

Children, Youth & Families

Lots learnt at the One Big Day event

On Saturday 27 April the Children, Youth and Families Team hosted their ‘One Big Day’ conference for anyone involved in ministry with children, young people and families. Through a programme


Happy Earth Day!

The planet’s big day is here once more and I’ve failed again. Like most of us, I’m trying to do my bit for the planet. I hop on my bike

Church buildings

Porch prayers at Surlingham

Barbara Bryant, Diocesan Environment Officer, recently joined a group of people praying in the porch of St Mary’s, Surlingham, south of Norwich. The simple service struck a chord with her

Eco Church

Earth Hour at Reepham

Reepham church marked Earth Hour for the first time on Saturday 23 March. Rachel Richmond explains that this is just one way in which the church is thinking about the