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Sounding the alarm! Eaton churches “Ring out for Climate Change”

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The “Ring Out for Climate Change” campaign is led by Edward Gildea, who is a Christian Aid climate organiser.  He is encouraging churches to ring their bells at 6pm for 30 minutes on Saturday 30 October.  Traditionally, church bells have been rung at a time of national emergency.

Mr Gildea has said: “We mostly associate church bells with the call to worship, weddings and very special national celebrations. But they also have another historic function: to ring out warnings. I believe the climate emergency is a time of real national crisis and I would urge all churches to ring out a warning and to remind the delegates of the urgency of the dangers we now face.”

Bishop Graham has also endorsed the call for churches and cathedrals to ring their bells on the eve of the United Nations Climate Conference in Glasgow.

Volunteers will be ringing the bells in St Andrew’s and Christ Church respectively at 6pm on Saturday 30 October.

There is a Facebook page for anyone wanting to take part in the campaign.

If your church will be ringing out for climate change, please do email us.