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Data Protection Forms

Every PCC member is required to complete a Data Protection Form where they confirm their contact details and give or withdraw consent for how we share their contact details.

This form only needs to be completed once (not annually), but if you start a new role, change your contact details, or wish to amend your consent preferences, please complete a new form.

The form can also be completed by paper and posted or emailed to us:

If you hold multiple roles:

If you hold any role which is in the list below of “Who should complete a Data Protection Form”, you need to complete a form, even if you hold an additional role which doesn’t require a form to be completed. 

Who should complete a Data Protection Form?

  • Children, Youth & Family Workers
  • Benefice/Group Treasurers
  • Deanery Assessors
  • Deanery Lay Chairs
  • Deanery Synod Secretaries
  • Diocesan Synod members
  • Fabric Officers
  • Lay Deanery Synod Representatives
  • Parish Safeguarding Officers
  • Parish/Benefice/Group Administrators
  • PCC Members
  • PCC Secretaries
  • PCC Treasurers

Who does not need to complete a Data Protection Form?

(unless they hold another role which does require a form)

  • Authorised Worship Assistants
  • Churchwardens
  • Clergy & Chaplains
  • Diocesan Staff, Officers & Committee Members
  • Lay Assistants at Holy Communion
  • Licensed Lay Workers
  • Licensed Lay Ministers

Those in the roles above confirm their contact details and data sharing preferences on commencement of their role.

Withdrawing your consent

You have the right to withdraw your consent for us to share your personal contact details publicly at any time.  To do this, either complete a new Data Protection Form (online or by post), email or telephone 01603 882322.


If you have any questions please call 01603 882322 or email