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CCLA Investments

CCLA are fund managers for many church’s investments, and the Diocese often acts as custodian trustee on behalf of the PCC.


Where the Diocese administers a Trust fund as custodian trustee (accounts beginning “126”) on behalf of the PCC (managing trustee) then the Parish Treasurer is able to access the most recent statements via the secure area of the Diocesan website. For more information on how to access the secure area of the website, read the Website secure area – Info sheet, or, if you have already setup an account, please click here to view your statements.

If the PCC holds accounts directly with the CCLA (accounts beginning 626) they should contact the CCLA directly on 0800 022 3505 or

In some circumstances, a Parish may be able to request the closure of accounts held by the Diocese on their behalf as long as the proceeds are used in keeping with the spirit of the original gift.

If you are unsure of the history or any restrictions placed on your trusts, please contact the Director of Finance at Diocesan House who can provide further information: