Norfolk Wildlife Trust's Churchyard Conservation Scheme first newsletter

9 May 2018

Churchyards are a wonderful and vital refuge for wildlife throughout Norfolk’s varied landscape. Many are remnants of ancient meadow that are still managed with low intensity and provide a diversity of habitats, so that a whole suite of wildlife, including wildflowers, birds, mammals, reptiles and invertebrates can thrive within their walls.

In collaboration with the Diocese of Norwich, The Norfolk Wildlife Trust Churchyard Conservation Scheme aims to encourage those responsible for the maintenance of churchyards to do so with wildlife in mind while observing the main requirements of the church, so that churchyards can be a haven for both people and wildlife.

The scheme has grown dramatically since it was started back in 1981 and now involves over 20 expert volunteers going out each year to discover and record the species found within our churchyards. This then enables NWT to give advice on how best to manage them into the future.

To find out what we have been up to recently, as well as more about the scheme, please download our first annual newsletter, which is available on our website on the link below.


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