A survey on church social action

31 July 2018

The registered charity and think tank Demos and the Good Faith Partnership have teamed up to conduct research into church social action.

Demos conduct research with the aim of improving government policy, as a non-partisan organisation.

Many of their projects are about listening to people all over the country, and communicating their hopes and concerns to people in power, in the hope of empowering people and communities.

For this particular project they are working alongside the Good Faith Partnership, who aim to help people from the worlds of business, faith and charity work together for social purpose.

The aim of this project is to better understand the social work churches are doing, and the partnerships they are undertaking. So many churches are undertaking smaller or larger social projects, together with local authorities, local businesses or non-Christian faith groups, which is of immense value to the communities they are in. Many churches are doing extensive community work for social purpose – from food banks, to youth clubs, to financial advice and many other things. For these projects, they often work with non-Christian organisations, such as local authorities, businesses, charities or schools.

Some churches have even stepped in and offered services where they are no longer provided by local government or local authority.

This partnership between Demos and Good Faith Partnership would like to better understand how church partnerships operate, what is going well and where churches require more support.

This survey should take between 10 – 15 minutes and can be found here or on the link below.

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