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MP visits Forncett Primary School

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The children of Forncett Primary School Council share their experience of the visit:

Mr Bacon MP started his visit with an introductory meeting with the members of School Council in our library. We all looked amazing because we had our special Send my Friend to School t-shirts on.

The Year 6 representatives then took him on a tour of our school. Each class was going to focus on different aspects of barriers to education. We started in Ruby Class; the children were finding out about schools that don’t have many toys. Next, we showed him the Year Two Class called Diamonds, they were working on a poster about having teachers. They explored a school in Ghana which had only five teachers but eight hundred and eighty children!

After that, Mr Bacon came to Sapphire Class, they were learning about gender equality and how some girls are not allowed to have an education, sometimes they were forced to marry when they were young, sometimes they had to do work even though they were young, or there weren’t any clean water facilities.

Then, he visited Emerald Class, they were focusing on how children in different countries get to school, sometimes it could take up to three hours of traveling time, the distance would be from Forncett to Norwich! It could be very dangerous to get to a school which is far away or where there are even dangerous animals such as snakes.

Finally, we held a special assembly in the hall. We started by the members of School Council asking him some questions e.g. How did you become an MP? How does parliament work? What do you do before an election? We found out that there are six hundred and fifty MPs in the UK, we thought there wouldn’t be that many!

Each class came to share the posters we had been working on in class and we sang our Friendship song. The Chair of our School Council had the special job to pass three special envelopes to him, it included a charter (an important list of things we want him to do). The envelopes were for the Rt. Hon Rory Stewart MP and the Rt. Hon Jeremy Hunt MP. We are looking forward to hearing back from him or the other MPs. What a great day!