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How to support Ukrainian Refugees

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The latest figures from the Disasters Emergency Committee estimate that four million people have fled their homes to escape conflict in Ukraine.

It’s thought that 18 million people will be affected by the conflict. Families have been separated, people have been killed and the conflict is threatening the livelihoods of many across the country.

How you can help

You may want to know how you can support the Ukranian people right now, particularly refugees. The Church of England has published a ‘toolkit’ of resources for parishes seeking to help refugees and evacuees from Ukraine in the wake of the Russian invasion of the country. Find the toolkit here.

The main way to support is through donating money to charities already set up to co-ordinate funds where they are needed the most.

USPG and the Church of England Diocese in Europe are launching an emergency appeal to get aid to people in desperate need because of the invasion of Ukraine. Funds raised by the appeal will support Christian charities and churches carrying out humanitarian work both in Ukraine and responding to the arrival of refugees in neighbouring countries. To find out more and to donate to the UPSG and Church of England Diocese in Europe Emergency Appeal Fund click here.

Alternatively, you can donate to other charities including;

  1. What can you do to support Ukraine & Ukrainians? – The Ukrainian Institute London
  2. The Disasters Emergency Committee
  3. Donate to Unicef’s Ukraine Appeal
  4. Donate to the UN Refugee Agency

Churches across the Diocese are continuing to hold prayer vigils which you can join, or you could pray together in a small group. You can download the Church of England prayer for Ukraine below to use as a focus.

Bishop Graham said:

“Our hearts go out to those in Ukraine, and those who have been forced to become refugees,  who are fearful, hungry, or who weep for love and loss. I pray earnestly that the people of Ukraine might know God’s peace, where all tears are wiped away, where there is no hunger, and joy abounds, and those who are oppressing them and destroying their hopes will turn away from the sin of violence and turn towards peace.”

The UK government has announced it is developing a new humanitarian sponsorship programme that will allow an unlimited number of Ukrainian families to come to the UK.

This humanitarian sponsorship route is currently being designed, but it will assist and accelerate the government response expressions of interest from potential sponsors are gathered as soon as possible. The Sanctuary Foundation are asking individuals, community groups, churches, schools and businesses to register their interest in becoming a sponsor when the scheme is developed. Find out more about how you can get involved here.

There are now a number of Community Help sessions, being organised by Norfolk County Council across Norfolk for Ukrainian refugees and their hosts. These sessions will give refugees the opportunity to meet each other, get to know their local community, and access a wide range of help and support. find out more here.