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Follow The Star Calendar offers fun and educational way to celebrate Advent

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As the countdown begins to Advent and Christmas, Norwich Cathedral’s Head of Schools and Family Learning has developed a unique Advent calendar to help families celebrate the festive season.

Clare Williams and illustrator Charlotte Cooke have created the Follow The Star Advent Calendar for the Church of England’s Follow The Star: The Great Invitation campaign, and the calendar offers a fun and educational way for children and their families to mark Advent and celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas.

Featuring a fold-out, stand up crib scene, stickers for every day of Advent and a rhyming Nativity story sheet, it tells the story of how – and why – Jesus came to be born in Bethlehem.

The calendar, which is published by Church House Publishing and costs £3.99, is available to buy online on the Church of England website.

There will also be free accompanying daily activities available from the Church of England website at