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Licensed Lay Ministers

Exploring vocation & ministry

Sixty years of Lay Ministry

In 1960 Neil and his wife Rita became regular members of the Christ Church, Eaton and on 11 May 1963 Neil was licensed in Norwich Cathedral to preach and lead

Licensed Lay Ministers

A Celebration of Licensed Lay Ministry

On Saturday 18 September two new Lay Ministers will be licensed, and two new to the diocese will be welcomed in a celebration of licensed lay ministry that will include

Lay development

New Readers licensed in Norwich Cathedral

In contrast to the usual full cathedral, COVID-19 precautions meant that only a very limited number of people could be present, so we introduce the new Readers here (below). Warden

Exploring vocation & ministry

New Readers to begin training this August

Four applicants from around the diocese had been through a thorough process of investigating their calling with a Vocations Adviser, conversations with their Vicar and Reader Sub-Warden, completing application forms