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A Prayer for Protection

“I know families whose loved ones’ graves are no longer in my churchyard. They are in the records, but the graves are no longer there.” Sitting atop the cliff at

Bishop of Norwich

World Bee Day

It’s world bee day – and to celebrate, the Bishop of Norwich, a beekeeper himself, took to X to tweet “Happy World Bee Day!” The Bishop’s bee hives are a


Ecumenical eco day in Sheringham

The first climate change and sustainability fair was held by Sheringham churches in late April. It was an opportunity for the local Anglican eco church group to get involved and

Eco Church

Eco Forum on demystifying food choices

The first hybrid Eco Forum was held in St Stephen’s Church, Norwich and online in early May, to consider the complexities around food choices and their environmental impact. Barbara Bryant,

Eco Church

World Earth Day service at Hemblington

Weaving creation care throughout the liturgical year helps to ensure that the fifth mark of mission is embedded in the worshipping life of a congregation, as the Revd Sue Shillam

Children, Youth & Families

Rooted – pilgrimage and prayer

The Children, Youth and Families Team recently joined up with the Revd James Shelton to run a pilgrim day for young people. ‘Rooted’ was planned as a reflective walk of pilgrimage,