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Book your performance of ‘The Narrow Road’ for Easter

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Riding Lights Theatre Company are pleased to announce a revival of their acclaimed passion play The Narrow Road by Paul Birch, for the season of Lent and Holy Week 2024.

York-based Riding Lights is one of the UK’s most successful independent theatre companies and is internationally renowned for more than forty years of touring productions.

For many years, Riding Lights Theatre Company has toured its passion plays to churches, cathedrals and communities across the UK, providing a unique, revitalising experience of the drama of Christ’s passion.

A man stands alone on a dusty road, an extraordinary journey before him; one that will re-trace the footsteps of Jesus into a world of miracles and madness, violence and liberation. As The Narrow Road is walked, this turbulent world is turned upside down; its inhabitants confronted by an unexpected and surprising vision.

Meeting the characters and re-living the events of the gospels, draws us back along that original road, through the place of the cross, and into the challenge of a life beyond. Compellingly performed, The Narrow Road asks each of us to step out in faith on that journey today.

The performance, ‘The Narrow Road’, opens up at key moments for other expressions of worship, music and reflection arising directly out of the drama, creating a powerful act of remembrance which is both participatory and reflective.

Touring from 25 February to 30 March 2024, Riding Lights are taking bookings from churches and cathedrals now. Each performance costs £1,250 plus VAT, which allows you to decide whether you provide the performance for your community, accept donations from those attending or set your own ticket prices and keep all of the ticket sales. The company provides practical support from our office including help with publicity and planning.

If you would like to book a performance please contact Patrick on 01904 655317 or email him to book a performance or to discuss The Narrow Road with further.