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World Earth Day results in 1000 trees being planted

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The children were involved in a number of activities throughout the day, including learning about the Earth in their French class, planting sunflower seeds and designing posters to promote keeping our planet safe for the future. The highlight of the day was attempting to make a collage of the world, using the pupils as the blue seas and green land. They learnt a lot about the position of the continents and had lots of fun trying to create the shapes.

Moira Croskell, Headteacher of Dickleburgh Church of England Primary Academy said: “We shared our World Earth Day story on our school Facebook page and tagged in a company called Majority who agreed to plant 1000 trees across the globe in our school’s name. We were made aware of Majority and their desire to reduce their carbon footprint and support protection of the rainforests when we were looking for resources to use in school on World Earth Day. The children and parents are delighted that we have been able to do our bit to help make a difference to our planet.”

Majority is a UK electrical sound company originally from Cambridge and one of the things they do is strive to become a climate positive workforce, so they plant trees (The Majority Forest) around the globe and help to fund reforestation projects.

Richard Cranmer, CEO of St Benet’s Multi Academy Trust said: “We are very proud of Dickleburgh Church of England Primary Academy in their efforts to learn about the environmental concerns we face and thank Majority for their tree planting in our school’s name.”