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Spring Harvest 2020: Unleashed – The Acts Church Today

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The Church is absolutely amazing! What started as a youth group of 12 is now the largest religion in the world and growing rapidly. Here in the UK we are making a huge impact through ministries such as Christians Against Poverty, food banks and Street Pastors and Street Angels. The Church runs the majority of toddler groups, much of the nation’s youth work, and remains pivotal on the ground. Yet there is more!

A big question remains: what does it mean for us to truly be unleashed and be like the Acts church today? We will be looking at this during Spring Harvest 2020. We will be journeying through Acts 1-12 looking at what it might mean for us as the church in the UK to live like this again for Jesus. After all, every one of us has an opportunity to be part of an unleashed church in our day. Standing on the shoulders of the many giants who have come before we could see something amazing happen in our land at this time. The church is wonderful, we love it, are active and committed members within it and both take our roles as ordained church ministers seriously in seeing the nation impacted. There are so many possibilities in front of us and it is a genuine privilege for all of us to have the opportunity to be in active service of the Saviour of the World.

If we live for Christ then we can be unleashed to see the nation changed. What does this really mean? We see it this way… ‘unleashing’ describes the release of what is being restrained. What is being held back is the power of God and the people of God. Right now, spiritual earthquakes are happening in the places where missionaries have gone to for the last 200+ years. But in the places the missionaries came from during that same two centuries hardly a tremor can be felt.’[1] The real challenge is, how can we see this kind of change in our nation in our day? How can we be the church we long for? How can we start ministering fully in words, works and wonders alongside one another? Do please come to Spring Harvest 2020 and we can go on a wonderful adventure together.

Gavin Calver
CEO of the Evangelical Alliance

For further information please visit the site below or call 01825 769000.

Spring Harvest takes place in Harrogate, Minehead and Skegness over the Easter break.

[1] J. Trousdale, G. Sunshine, The Kingdom Unleashed (Murfreesboro: DMM Library, 2018) .4