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Soul Space at Sheringham High School

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The space included an interactive prayer room with students coming in during their philosophy and ethics lessons and having the opportunity to take part in a whole range of activities from saying thank you for the good things in their lives, and thinking about their identity.

Just some of the reactions by the students include:

“After the experience of Soul Space I had the opportunity to reflect on recent problems and difficulties. I’ve had the time to reflect on everything and look over things again. I found it was just what I needed”

“It made me think more about the world around me. I enjoyed it. It gave the chance to support my friends during hard times.”

“It made me feel closer to and I got more of an understanding of God. It was calming and peaceful.”

“I think it’s taught me how important it is to pray.”

“I wish it could last longer”.

There was an art zone based on the art cards. Each image was on the theme “where is God?”. As an activity the students were then invited to draw and display their own art card on the theme.

Each there is a justice campaign for students to support. This year Soul Space focused on the issue of deforestation and signed the green peace petition on this. Also students were invited to sign a leaf and place on a tree, which will be given to local MP Norman Lamb, calling on the Government to hold companies to account over their pledge to stop deforestation for palm oil by 2020.

Find out more about this year’s Soul Space by watching the YouTube video below.