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#soapbuildshope – Bishop of Norwich supports Christian Aid’s Christmas Appeal

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Bishop Graham said: “Christmas is filled with love, joy and soap! This year, being so different, washing our hands continues to be vitally important. Soap helps us, and millions of people supported by Christian Aid around the world, have hope that the spread of coronavirus can be reduced”.

Soap is building resilience in different ways too. In Ethiopia where the climate crisis is hitting hard, soap is changing the life of mother-of-three Kumana Kurasho, who has been trained in soap-making by Christian Aid using the drought-resistant aloe vera plant native to the area.

She said: “When we relied only on crop production to feed our families, things were too hard. Everyone is searching for additional income because it is the only way we can survive.

“The money from our soap production is not only for food but also for clothes and teaching materials for my children. Because of the soap, many more people travel to our village, then buy other goods as well. We need support for other women, so they can be like us!”

Christian Aid’s local officer Julian Bryant appeals to people across the diocese this Christmas to pray for and donate to remote communities in Ethiopia who are struggling with poverty and climate change.

“Covid-19 has held much of the world in its thrall throughout 2020 impacting lives, instilling fear, challenging livelihoods and forcing many vulnerable people into more desperate poverty.

“Last year I visited some remote communities in Ethiopia that were struggling to find water. I saw what a difference resources make to these same communities. This year, like the angels at Jesus’ birth we can be messengers of hope for people in need around the world through Christian Aid’s Christmas Appeal.

“Every time you wash your hands please pray for Kumana and her community in Ethiopia. Please also consider donating. It costs just £15 to train someone to become a soap-maker like Kumana, but releases so much more.”

Paula Gooder has recorded a sermon for the Christmas Appeal to be used in churches. To donate, download the sermon, and many other Christmas resources please visit:

For more information, or if you would someone from Christian Aid to speak at your online service (live or recorded) please contact