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Shipdham community raises money for school’s outdoor exercise area

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Funds for the outdoor gym were raised by Shipdham Parochial Fuel Allotment Charity and Friends of Shipdham Schools.

The children from the student council and eco-council were involved in our decision making. Choosing outdoor exercise gym equipment which includes a children’s double air skier, double air walker, double seated leg press, arm and pedal bike and arm press air rider.

Mrs Shannon O’Sullivan (pictured right), Headteacher of Thomas Bullock Church of England Primary Academy said: “Our ethos is to build a community of children who love the outdoors and exercise. We have noticed that children are keen to get outside more having spent time cooped up at home during lockdown.

“Our pupils are excited to play on the equipment as we teach them how exercise plays an important part in their physical and mental fitness.

“We are forever grateful to our Friends of Shipdham Schools and the Shipdham Parochial Fuel Allotment Charity for their support in donating and raising funds for the outdoor exercise area for our children.”

Cllr Helen Crane, spokesperson for Shipdham Parochial Fuel Allotment Charity said: “We are very pleased to grant money to help buy this wonderful exercise equipment for Thomas Bullock Church of England Academy. This equipment is an exciting addition to help the children in their physical health and develop their love of exercise.”

Caz Mason of Friends of Shipdham Schools, who runs the Shipdham FOSS shop, re-opening Wednesday 9 June said: “FOSS are so happy we got to provide this equipment for the children. We would like to thank The Shipdham Fuel Allotment for also donating £1000 towards this project.”

Oliver Burwood, CEO of Diocese of Norwich Education and Academies Trust (DNEAT) said: “We are grateful to call those who are involved in bringing this exciting outdoor fitness area to Thomas Bullock. The impact on our children will be positive both physically and mentally.”

Harry in Year 6 said: “It has been so exciting to watch them install the equipment.”

Dom in Year 6 said: “I’ve used these at my local park and I can’t wait to be able to use them in school.”

Ella said: “It makes you fit and healthy and can help you to re-focus on your work.”

Toby said: “It will help me in the afternoons to be mentally focused and prepared for more learning.”

Leo said: “I am really excited by the pendulum because they are fun and I can chat to my friends at the same time.”

Emily said: “I saw they had bikes and I really like them.”