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Racial Justice Sunday 2023 – Stephen Lawrence

Publisher: Churches Together



Worship resources and prayers for churches, schools and communities

The first part of the resource includes excellent liturgical and creative prayers prepared by Phill Melstrom, the Worship Development Worker at the Church of Scotland. This material provides multifarious entry points for any engagement with the subject matter. Equally, we have outstanding worship-related material written by Mark Sturge, a prime mover with Black Majority Churches that will resonate especially with those from Pentecostal congregations. Both items capture the richness and diversity of devotions and worship in our churches.

The second part of the resource includes a variety of reflections from Christians who were around at the time of Stephen Lawrence’s killing. It also features contributions from younger racial justice champions who reflect on what Stephen’s murder means to them as Christians living in a world that is still grappling with racial justice.