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Re-live the Norwich Passion Play in your church or school this Easter

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Last Easter, thousands of people in Norwich city centre enjoyed an engaging and wide-ranging Passion Play performed on the streets. The play was organised by Celebrate Norfolk, along with the Saltmine Theatre company and many local churches.

Keith Morris, Chair of Celebrate Norfolk said;

“There was Mary Magdalene jumping up and down on a plinth on Hay Hill in Norwich – drawing an expectant crowd, Jesus riding on a bike up to Millennium Plain where he confronted the authorities and he shared a fish and chip last supper with his disciples, we saw the agonies of the Garden of Gethsemane and Jesus’ dramatic trial in front of the Forum and his crucifixion and death outside St Peter Mancroft Church. And the final joyous scenes inside the church where the disbelieving disciples   saw Jesus come back from the dead in an amazing finale.”

This Easter, the Celebrate Norfolk team have released a specially produced and edited 13-minute video which captures all the key moments of the performance.

Keith said:

“The video contains helpful sub-titles and a personal message from Freddy Goymer, who played the part of Jesus. It is an ideal resource to show at a church small groups or youth group, maybe even in a church service or school assembly. We have produced short resource sheets which explain the background to the play and suggest some questions to get people thinking and discuss in small groups or with your family and friends.”

The video is freely available on YouTube at and the resource sheets can be downloaded from