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Priscilla Bacon Lent Appeal Update

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The Bishop’s Lent Appeal 2023 was launched to raise money for the new Priscilla Bacon Lodge hospice building. The recently opened building has increased capacity for end of life specialist care in Norfolk and Waveney. All donations received were in memory of The Venerable Ian Bentley.

The letter, sent by Robert Carter DL (Chairman of Priscilla Bacon Norfolk Hospice Care Limited), conveys deep appreciation for the remarkable success of this year’s Lent appeal.

Robert wrote:

“On Behalf of the trustees of Priscilla Bacon Hospice Care, I am writing to thank you for the Support of the Diocese – through the Lent Appeal – for the new Priscilla Bacon Lodge, given in memory of Archdeacon Ian Bentley. We are delighted to have received £21,044.09 so far, and I understand that there may still be a little more to come. This is undoubtedly a reflection of the affection in which Ian was held by the parishes of the Diocese, and we are enormously grateful that it will benefit the new hospice and make a difference to end-of-life care for the people of Norfolk now and into the future.

“As you will know, the first patients were welcomed to the new Lodge nearly a month ago, and feedback from patients, families, staff and volunteers has been very positive. The charity’s role is now turning to supporting enhanced and complementary services within and around the hospice, which is an exciting if daunting challenge. The focus remains on enabling the best possible care for those reaching the end of their lives and for those the leave behind.”

Thank you to everyone that supported this years appeal and donated so generously.