Focusing on the ministry of healing and wholeness

5 February 2021

The Guild of Health & St Raphael have launched an initiative called the ‘Healthy Healing Hub’, aiming to help churches engage in a ministry of healing as part of a holistic approach to mission.

Many churches are already working tirelessly to support the health needs of their communities, and this project supports the continuation and development of that work.

It is both theological and practical, offering online training courses such as:

  • an overview of the healing ministry;
  • healing and mission;
  • healing where we are; and
  • healing ministry and discipleship

as well as guidelines for entering into partnerships with local healthcare providers.

You can watch a short video on their website at which explains more about the project and gives details of different membership levels providing access to a wide range of resources (including liturgical) and one-to-one mentoring.

Speaking about the website, the Revd Patrick Jordan said:

“I like the tone of the website and think it is addressing the great potential for churches to see the link between mission and healing.”

Talking about the wider initiative, the Revd Helen Garrard, lead chaplain of Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust, said:

“I have absolutely no doubt that we in general and the Church in particular are going to be tasked with an enormous need to support people in disorientation, grief and all sorts of challenges to their wellbeing as we move through and beyond this pandemic. Whereas currently the focus is life support in the future it will be life recovery and any initiative which names and ministers to this need will be of great value.”

The Guild of Health and St Raphael has more than 100 years of engagement with healing ministry in conversation with science, medicine, and the academy. Through this project it offers a clear and safe way in which churches everywhere can engage with what is becoming one of the most pressing challenges of our day.

Encouraging churches to use the new resources, the Revd Colin Reed said:

“I think that for any church seeking to develop healing ministry or seeking some support with healing ministry this would be a very good resource.”

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