Bishop of Norwich's Ahli Hospital Appeal

13 October 2023

Bishop Graham has launched a new appeal aimed at supporting a Christian led hospital in Gaza city caring for patients regardless of religion or ethnicity.

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On Tuesday 17 October, the Anglican-led hospital, the al-Ahli hospital in Gaza was struck, killing hundreds of innocent people.  The hospital has been operating in Gaza since 1882 and medical staff look after all patients, regardless of ethnicity, religion or wealth.  The hospital itself is unusual in Gaza as it is an institution not affiliated with any political party.

On the previous Saturday, 14 October, the al-Ahli hospital was hit by rocket fire damaging the Diagnostic Cancer Treatment Centre.  Four hospital staff were injured in that blast.

Days earlier, on the 11 October, the Bishop of Norwich, the Rt Revd Graham Usher returned from a pre planned 10 day trip to Israel. During that time, he visited the al-Ahli hospital in Gaza to meet and pray with staff and patients there.  He prayed with Bishop Hosam Naoum, the Archbishop of Jerusalem, who has been able to send updates of the situation there.

Bishop Graham was in the region for the International Commission for Anglican Orthodox Theological Dialogue. During his 10-day trip, he saw first hand the work and ministry of staff at the Diocese of Jerusalem’s al-Ahli Arab hospital in Gaza.  The same medical staff who now face a dire situation, some of whom no longer have homes to go back to.

On 13 October, Bishop Graham said:

“I’m horrified by the situation continuing to escalate in Israel and Gaza. The atrocities by Hamas against Israelis are utterly abhorrent and their crimes are sickening. Of deep concern is the continuation of violence and destruction on all sides and the impending humanitarian impact on innocent Palestinians in Gaza. I was there just last week. The facilities offered at the hospital are of vital importance for health in Gaza and it is known as a haven of peace and hope in the city.  The Director, Suhaila Tarazi, told me their mission is one of love.”

The hospital treats more than 45,000 patients each year and medical staff are now working flat out treating the injured of the current conflict. It’s Director, Suhaila Tarazi has issued an emergency appeal to support its health services at this time of crisis. She has been able to communicate with friends and says;

“At this stage, our only hope is in God for a miracle in the midst of this scenery of death. There is no water, no electricity, no food, no fuel reserves and no safe place to shelter. The wards of Ahli are full with injured patients. We are trying to help as much as we can.”

Bishop Graham said:

“As we hold together in our prayers Jews, Muslims and Christians in that region and long for peace with justice for all, I am appealing for funds to support the urgent work of the al-Ahli hospital, or if it stops functioning, other medical support for the civilians of Gaza.”

If you would like to donate to the Bishop of Norwich’s al-Ahli Hospital appeal, raising money to support the work of the medical teams at the al-Ahli Arab Hospital, please go to the donate page on this website and select Ahli Hospital Appeal in the drop-down menu for ‘Project, Appeal or Charity’.

Further details on where the money will go: (19 October updated)

All funds raised will go to the Diocese of Jerusalem who will manage its spend. The hospital does not receive any funding from, nor is controlled by, any political party in Gaza. The hospital is still functioning, the carpark was hit where lots of people were camped out. Medicines and other equipment is urgently needed. In time, there will be repairs and rebuilding needed.

Update (27 October)

Thanks to your generosity just over £17,000 has been received so far.

Speaking about the mount raised so far, Bishop Graham said: “Thank you to all who have contributed so generously over the last 14 days to my appeal for the Ahli Hospital in Gaza. I was able to let Archbishop Hosam of Jerusalem know this afternoon that over £17,000 has been raised so far and he is very touched by the generosity. This will be a great help to the hospital which is still functioning serving innocent people caught up in the conflict. I hope to work with the Diocesan Finance team to make the first transfer of funds early next week.”

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Media interviews. Following Bishop Graham’s return to Norwich, he has been speaking to various media outlets about his time in Israel and Gaza. Please watch and read for further information and his first hand account of his time there.

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