A different look at the feeding of the five thousand

1 October 2021

Inspired by the story of the feeding of the 5,000, a mosaic of stone faces representing individual people, young and old will be on display at Norwich Cathedral

Carrie Sant, Lay Canon of Norwich Cathedral explains more:

“Our current world crisis has given us a chance to take a good look at the world we live in. It has highlighted inequalities; it has revealed humankind at their worst but also at their best.

“At this ‘unprecedented time’ we invite you to join with us in making a pledge to try to live differently as we all move forward.

“Our original plans for gathering stones from people during the visit of Dippy have not been practical with Covid restrictions. However, we have gathered nearly 2,000 stones ready for mounting on biodegradable cardboard hexagons using sand with flour and water. We are well on our way to completing our planned mosaic of stone faces representing individual people, young and old who have agreed to actively work towards:

  1. valuing every life equally
  2. taking better care of each other and the planet
  3. sharing the world’s resources more fairly

“The mosaic will be exhibited at the foot of the altar in the St Saviors chapel in the east end of Norwich Cathedral from Friday 8 October for two weeks.

“It is hoped that the mosaic will inspire us to live less selfishly and that it will be shown in a couple of other venues before eventually being recycled.”


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