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New sports and community minister commissioned in Thetford

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Susie has already been a trainee sports minister for 2 years and completes her training after 3 years. She initially joined the ministry team in Thetford as part of the sports factory, a church revitalisation project taking place across the Diocese of Norwich.

The sports factory are a team of qualified sports and fitness coaches who follow Jesus and are passionate about playing sport. They help to run holiday clubs, community events, social sport and work with disengaged young people.

As part of her job, Susie is involved in running after school sports clubs, school assemblies and adult social sports among many other projects which help to reach different communities across Thetford. As this work is coming to end after a period of time, church leaders and PCC members came together to pray about the future of the ministry. This led to the creation of a new role to keep the ministry going.

On Sunday 16 October, Susie was commissioned as Sports and Community Minister at St Cuthbert’s church and Grace Church on the Abbey estate in Thetford.

She says;

“thank you to the team, for every single event, the team has showed up, so thank you for serving. It has been a massive encouragement. With the holiday club, it’s been great to see so many children come and hear about Jesus and to see families come along to Grace Church on Sundays.”

Susie was commissioned by Revd Dr Peter Herbert, vicar with the Thetford team ministry.  Revd Peter says;

“many of us remember this yellow bundle of energy suddenly arrived in the Thetford team with all sorts of wonderful creative ideas on the sports front. Susie is doing wonderful things in the community and we’ve been hugely blessed by that.”

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