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Mundford Church of England Primary sets up a school garden

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It all started with an unused piece of ground and is now home to raised vegetable beds, tyre planters and a quiet reflection and seating area, with a bench, placed in memory of the long-standing Chair of Governors who sadly passed away at the beginning of 2020.

The idea for the garden came from Design Technology lead, Hannah Keeler: to promote growing fruit and vegetables that could hopefully then be incorporated into the pupil’s food technology curriculum.

Mrs Keeler said: “I felt it was important that the children were involved in the growing process and to understand how the food they eat gets to their plate.”

The school garden has been supported by the parish council, parents, staff and children alongside members of the community and donations from Mundford village residents. The children were asked what they would like to grow and from there the collection of seeds and plants began! Items for the garden were brought from home, donated by kind members of the community and even the Innocent Food Company.

There is a range of fruit and vegetables in the garden: including beetroot, strawberries, radishes, beans, tomatoes, salad leaves and potatoes. Alongside this is an established herb garden with plants like mint, thyme and parsley. Other classes have planted sunflowers and flowering bedding plants as well.

The garden is maintained by children from each class, who take responsibility for watering and weeding, supported by the caretaker, who tends the grass. It really is a team effort.

The garden is a big part of the KS1 science curriculum – learning all about plants and how they grow. It also forms part of the school-wide food technology study and understanding the importance of food and its source. The garden, as a reflective and quiet outdoor space, also helps to boost the children’s mental health.

Gracie from Year 2 said: “I like being in the garden as it’s colourful and has so many plants. It makes me feel relaxed and comfortable.”

Flynn from Year 2 said: “I love growing things in the garden – it’s fun. It’s basically a bit of science as you get to watch them grow.”

Mrs Keeler said: “We have all thoroughly enjoyed planting and growing in the school garden. Being outside and getting dirty is not only good fun but beneficial to our wellbeing. We cannot wait to see how our garden blooms over the next few weeks and months, and we are looking forward to tasting more of our produce. Next year we would like to start a garden club and encourage all classes and the school kitchen to compost their waste where possible.”