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Ministry Stories – a video resource

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Whilst some of those being interviewed are licensed clergy, some are also just at the beginning of their journey, but each film goes through how and why they responded to the call that God was, and still is, having on their lives.

Recalling how we felt the call to the ministry, Pioneer Missioner Revd Tim Yau says;

“In my early twenties I spent some time in America and what I really came in contact with was the social gospel and people really helping others practically with things like feeding the homeless and looking after the marginalised and vulnerable people in our society.

“And I remember asking, who is going to do something about this? And I felt God say to me – I want you to do something about it.”

Speaking about her call to being ordained Revd Becca Rogers says;

“As I went along, my idea of where God might be calling me was getting bigger and bigger, but actually the sense of being ordained, being that figure in wherever it is that God has placed you and to point others to him just grew and grew.

“I worked in a parish in Camden for a year and I loved it; I loved the highs you get in a parish and being with people in the dark times as well and everything in between.”

About his experiences as curate in Great Yarmouth, Revd Grant Bolton-Dabbage says:

“Being here has proven that God equips you for the call he gives you. It’s been the most amazing and fruitful experience of my life so far.”

Speaking about her two days at the BAP (Bishop’s Advisory Panel), Hannah Emmerich said;

“I did leave with a real sense that the people making the decision about whether I’d be a good vicar, knew the best and the worst about me, which was very reassuring because it’s a big thing to decide.”

About her experiences with the ERMC, ex-police officer Rachel Foster said:

“For those who have to work around their career or family, [the ERMC] works brilliantly for them – and as a Christian I’ve gained a huge amount.”

These films are available for use and download both on our website and on our You Tube channel. They can be used a focal point for discussion or simply as a short way of inspiring an encouraging people who may feel God’s calling on their lives and how it might involve their own ministry story.

Click on the links below to watch each of the Ministry Story films: