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Take part in Love Your Burial Ground week.

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Love your Burial Ground Week is a celebratory week which has been running for many years. Caring for God’s Acre has been encouraging all who help to look after churchyards, chapel yards and cemeteries to celebrate these fantastic places in any way you choose.

The week itself takes place on 3-11 June, but churches are being encouraged to sign up to the initiative now.

Churches Count on Nature 2023 is focusing on the brilliant wildlife to be found in churchyards and chapel yards. It is a joint initiative promoted by Caring for God’s Acre, the Church of England, the Church in Wales and A Rocha UK.

Over 27,000 wildlife records have been submitted during this dedicated week over the past two years.

The event is open to any group wanting to run an activity in any type of burial ground, although you will need permission from the managing group or responsible group for the site.

This is an opportunity to get church communities across the nation involved in recording the biodiversity of their churchyards. You can learn more on their website.