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Consultation underway for Mundford pre-school to join Mundford Primary

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The primary academy is part of The Churchside Federation; a family of two Church of England primary schools and part of DNEAT.

Oliver Burwood, CEO of Diocese of Norwich Education and Academies Trust said:  “DNEAT have added nursery provision to a number of its academies recently as it really does support children to be ‘school-ready.’ The Trustees have been actively considering the long-term future for the current pre-school at Mundford. They have consequently worked with the academy and the existing pre-school provision to explore the opportunity of bringing it into Mundford Academy and DNEAT, within a new school-based nursery for children of 3 to 4 years of age. Both the Trustees of Mundford Pre-School and The Federated Governing Body and Trustees at Mundford Church of England Primary Academy believe the proposal will ensure provision for families that use the service currently, into the long-term. We are also ambitious to develop the provision for existing and new families. We hope this will be of real benefit to parents in the community and beyond.’’ 

Mundford Pre-School and the Diocese of Norwich Education and Academies Trust will commence a formal six-week public consultation on the proposal, commencing on Monday 4 October through to Friday 12 November 2021.  The consultation includes an online questionnaire and meetings with parents/carers and other interested members of the community about the proposal.

Interested parties are invited to share their views by completing the online questionnaire here.

For further information about the consultation please contact Rosemary Ison, Business Manager, DNEAT on