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A show of kindness – Eaton’s CoronaQuilts of Kindness

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Vivien Humber, from the Quilt Crafters group, explains:

12 May 2020 saw the first meeting of a group of over 20 people. We were all confined to our homes and many were feeling isolated during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We decided we wanted to respond positively, to create a work of art and share companionship (through Zoom).

So it was decided we would make a quilt or cloth of kindness, showing the good things which we had experienced, even during these hard times – anything from enjoying a cup of tea, to the birds or butterflies in our gardens or on walks, to faith, friends and family.

People were asked to make an 8” square, decorated or plain, whatever their ability (or lack of it). These could be knitted or sewn, painted, sketched and printed onto fabric, creating a work of art for today and for future generations. We are delighted that people of all ages (including children and people outside the local area) have wanted to take part.

Our inspiration came from people of previous generations who had been confined or suffered great hardship but responded positively, using whatever they had available, with wonderful results – people like the women interned in Singapore in 1942 who made the famous Changi Quilt to relieve boredom and low spirits and boost morale.

Over the past eighteen months we have made one textile and one knitted quilt during the three lockdowns, with the project continuing into 2021.

These words are stitched around the textile Quilt:

“The process of creating this Quilt was begun with kindness, providing a supportive, safe and uplifting space for those of us who might be living alone or struggling with life under ‘lockdown’ in various ways, including the impact on our mental health and wellbeing…….we have met with love, joy, peace, patience, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control to stitch, knit and paint our contributions safely in our own homes.”

The two Quilts of Kindness will be on display at a special exhibition Friday 19 and Saturday 20 November 10am – 3.30pm at Christ Church, Eaton. Refreshments will also be available.