Furnishings, inventory & classifieds

Items for sale or wanted by churches, e.g. pews, chairs, hymn books and more.

The Diocese of Norwich has over 650 churches, 110 schools and academies and our website has more than 500 views every day. All together this provides a fantastic network to be able to swap and share resources.

The Bishop’s Furnishing Officer, Caroline Rawlings, is responsible for providing help and advice to Incumbents, Priests-in-Charge and Churchwardens throughout the Diocese on their church furnishings, and for the care and redeployment of furnishings from redundant churches.

Please note faculty permission may be needed to remove or introduce items of furniture into a church.

Wooden upholstered chairs available

180-200 chairs wooden chairs with comfortable fabric cushions and backs featuring:Space for hymnbooks/Bibles beneath seat at front and back (missing on some) Mechanisms for interlocking adjacent chairs A few have shorter legs Stackable in 4s Condition: well used but plenty of life left in themExpected to be available for collection in early March.  Free if collected but donations welcome.

Location: Holy Trinity, Norwich

Date Posted: 23 January 2020

Contact: Nigel Chapman, 07590 216450, Avtry@avtrypunczna.pb.hx

Hymn books available

Free copies of the hymn books listed below are available - collection only.100 copies of large print Hymns Ancient and Modern Revised (claret colour) 100 copies of Hymns for Todays Church 200 copies of Hymns Ancient and Modern New Standard

Location: Castle Acre

Date Posted: 23 January 2020

Contact: Canon Stuart Nairn, 01760 338552, anvea.aiterpgbel@ogvagrearg.pbz

1662 Book of Common Prayer

Wymondham Abbey are looking for 25 extra copies of the 1662 Book Of Common Prayer. If you have any to spare, please contact Cherry Saunders.

Location: Wymondham Abbey

Date Posted: 23 January 2020

Contact: Cherry Saunders, pfnhaqrefrznvy@ogvagrearg.pbz

Bible box

Gateley church has an 1840 Bible which is in need of some protection. Do you have a Bible box with interior dimensions of 45cm x 30cm x10cm, which would give 2-3mm of space around the Bible? If so, please contact Jamie Athill.

Location: Gateley Church

Date Posted: 23 January 2020

Contact: Jamie Athill, 01328 829449, wnzrfnguvyy@ogvagrearg.pbz

Churchwarden’s staff

Christ Church, New Catton, Norwich seeks to replace a churchwarden’s staff with brass crown which was recently stolen. It was like the one in this picture.

Location: Christ Church, New Catton

Date Posted: 23 January 2020

Contact: Ian Hamilton, 01603 787596, unzvygbavna499@tznvy.pbz

Hymnbooks – AMNS

We are looking for approximately 8 copies of Hymns Ancient and Modern New Standard (words) + 1 music copy for use in the Diocesan House chapel. If you are changing your hymnbook and can donate a few copies, please get in touch.

Location: Diocesan House, Easton

Date Posted: 23 January 2020

Contact: Caroline Rawlings, 01603 882351, pnebyvar.enjyvatf@qvbprfrbsabejvpu.bet


All Hallows Hospital Chapel is in need of a lectern for a Book of Remembrance in their chapel for those who have died in their care.They would be very grateful either for an altar lectern, or one that stands on the floor.

Location: All Hallows Hospital Chapel, Ditchingham

Date Posted: 23 January 2020

Contact: Howard Green, 07879 883045, ubjneq.terra@nyy-unyybjf.bet.hx

Pew runners and Green altar frontal

St Andrew's North Burlingham are looking for a green altar frontal to fit a communion table which is 30" in width, 60" long and depth/height of 39". However, the present cream cloth is suspended on rings that is 36" in depth/height.They would also like some pew runners - the pews are of various lengths, mostly 7ft, but some are 6'10", 5'6" and 5'.

Location: St Andrew's North Burlingham

Date Posted: 23 January 2020

Contact: Sue Shillam, fhr.fuvyynz@ogvagrearg.pbz

Portable font

Mulbarton church is in need of a temporary, portable font for around 18 months whilst their stone font is repaired. If you have one that could be lent for this period, please get in touch with the Revd Andrew North.

Location: Mulbarton Church

Date Posted: 23 January 2020

Contact: Andrew North, 01508 500343, eri.abegu@ogvagrearg.pbz

Worship Today (500 Hymns) – words edition

Location: St Augustine's Church, Norwich

Date Posted: 23 January 2020

Contact: Dot Lenton, 01603 627944, qbgyragba@zr.pbz