Stoke Holy Cross


Listed below are the names of each of the churches within the parish. You can click on each to view the church buildings in further detail:

Key contacts

The Revd Lyn Marsh

Licensed clergy - Assistant Curate, Venta Group (Benefice)
8 Mill Green
Stoke Holy Cross
NR14 8PB

The Revd Rob Baker

Licensed clergy - Incumbent: Vicar, Venta Group (Benefice)
The Vicarage
Mill Road
NR14 8PA

Mr Roy Harding

Churchwarden, Stoke Holy Cross (Parish)
60 Caistor Lane
NR14 8RB

Mrs Viv Carrington

Churchwarden, Stoke Holy Cross (Parish)

Mrs Freyja Mardell

Benefice/Group Administrator, Venta Group (Benefice)

Mrs Eostre Caswell

PCC Secretary, Stoke Holy Cross (Parish)

Mr Henry Caswell

PCC Treasurer, Stoke Holy Cross (Parish)