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Celebrating our Wild Isles

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Bishop Graham says, “I’ve been watching the BBC Wild Isles series, narrated by David Attenborough, with its superb photography and storytelling. It should also be a wakeup call about the nature depletion in these isles. There are terrifying statistics about the loss – 97 per cent of meadows lost during my lifetime struck me in particular. I learnt the word ‘puffling’ and we certainly affirmed that gulls are the bullies of the seabird playground, as well as trying to nick chips at the seaside!

“If the series has inspired you, I hope you will take action for nature. You and your church or school can take part in Churches Count on Nature or get involved in the Eco Church scheme and its section on taking care of church land. There are also ideas from other campaigns, such as Save Our Wild Isles, and the Great Big Green Week.

“Our commitment to care for God’s creation continues, to cherish its wonder, its diversity, its beauty and to care for everyone and everything that lives within it.”

Save our Wild Isles

Sir David Attenborough, in partnership with WWF, National Trust and the RSPB, has been bringing us closer to nature on our own isles in this five-part BBC series. Wild Isles reminds us that our British wildlife is beautiful and extraordinary, but under serious threat, and needs meaningful action for its recovery.

Tune in on future Sundays to explore different habitats – freshwater and marine. Catch up on the first three episodes and learn more about grasslands, woodlands and why Britain and Ireland are globally important for nature here.

Take action to Save Our Wild Isles by adding your name to the People’s Plan for Nature, a citizen-led blueprint for restoring nature in the UK. Read more here.

Use the awareness created by this series and the planned number of activities following on from it nationwide in your own planning for services, prayers and activities. There’s a “Let it Grow!” campaign being run on BBC Radio 2 in partnership with Blue Peter, and you can download the Wild Isles branding to help publicise any activities or events you run inspired by the series. Remember that if you register for the Eco Church award programme, you can unlock a wealth of resources to help you with this! Click on the links below to find out more.


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