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Social & community concerns


Sandringham’s Christmas Hampers

Following on from the Diocese of Norwich Filling the Gap project during 2020 and the early part of 2021, some of the churches we worked with have been able to


Yarmouth mural to combat modern slavery

The mural will be displayed in Great Yarmouth from October 18, which coincides with Anti-Slavery Day. The various activities in Yarmouth on that day are being planned in partnership with the local police. The

Mother's Union

An African mission for South Norfolk churches

Carolyn’s homeland is Zimbabwe; she knew the depths of poverty and the heights of prosperity and yearned to be involved with a mission to ease suffering and injustice but no


Local COP26 pilgrimage passes on the baton

Over 100 people in total took part in the different sections of the walk, which covered just over 100 miles. This was a local expression of a national Young Christian