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‘Bat nights’ in churches

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Since 2012, Philip Parker Associates (bat ecologists) working with the Norfolk Bats in Churches Project, have undertaken 27 bat nights at over 18 churches throughout the county.

Due to the success of these, several churches such as Cley (St Margaret’s) and Thornham (All Saints), now have annual bat nights.

These include a presentation about bats in churches, the opportunity to see bats in the hand, ‘batty’ crafts and competitions for the children, refreshments (organised by the church) and then the opportunity to see the bats in flight and emerging from the church.

The nights have helped raise awareness of the role church buildings play, as well as the impact the presence of bats can sometimes have (through droppings and urine) such as damage to artefacts and the resulting extra cleaning duties.

If your church has a large bat population and you would like more information or help with running a bat night (usually mid-June to mid-August), please get in contact with Phil Parker on 01553 630842 or email