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A leap of faith out of lockdown

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Sue Cornish, who attends All Saints Church in Poringland, made the decision to skydive after receiving an email about fundraising opportunities for the East Anglian Air Ambulance.  Sue has supported the EAAA for years and the email arrived at a time during lockdown when she was thinking about others. Sue was widowed after losing her husband of 49 years and caring for him during his struggle with a rare form of dementia. 

“During lockdown, I was thinking of the people who were looking after sick family and wondered how they were coping. I thought ‘wouldn’t it be nice to do something for others’ so when the email arrived about a skydive opportunity on a rather drab Monday morning in lockdown, I decided it was a message for me to do it. Seeing it through has strengthened my faith in God.” 

Her family were supportive and her friend helped her to set up a JustGiving page to raise money.  

“I had to raise £300 to take part and my friend set a target of £1000. In the end the final total with gift aid was close to £2000. It was just amazing to raise the money for the Air Ambulance crew who help save lives and worked so hard through the pandemic. The Air ambulance doesn’t receive any government support and is completely funded through fundraising.” 

On 9th April 2022, Sue leapt out of plane at 13,000 feet with her tandem skydive instructor Sam. They hurtled to the ground at 120 mph freefalling to begin with. 

“It was one of the most exciting days of my life. You couldn’t see the ground to start with. We reached a cloud and opened the parachute, then floated around for a bit. I could see the North Norfolk coast, and then we landed. It was all over very quickly.” 

Sue was born in the Parish of Perranzabuloe in Cornwall. This was where St.Piran, the Patron Saint of Cornwall landed on the beach and set up his Ministry. She went to school in Truro and attended services in the Cathedral twice a year. The family moved to Stoke Holy Cross and occasionally attended The Church of the Holy Cross. Four years after losing James, Sue moved to Poringland and began attending All Saints Church. 

“Since moving to Poringland, my faith is growing. I knew the bible stories growing up from assemblies at school, but never really investigated further. Now I have joined a home group and I’m getting a deeper understanding of God. Revd Rachel is incredibly supportive and there’s a lovely family atmosphere at the church.” 

Susan Cornish skydiving – YouTube