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Thomas Bullock Primary prepares to welcome new pupils – virtually

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“At Thomas Bullock, our New EYFS Starters have already begun their induction process and have had videos from their new teacher and online activities since receiving their letter last month. They even have a dedicated area on our website.

“Today, our special transition welcome packs are currently on their way, being hand-delivered by us, to families. This is an entirely new initiative from Thomas Bullock. Inside is an information pack for the families, as well as a lovingly made, individualised pack for the child. This includes handwritten letters from our Year 6 pupils, a number of learning tools and resources specifically for our age 3-4 pupils. Personalised tracing activities, whiteboards, number lines, special writing utensils and much more for developing lots of learning at home opportunities.

We are so excited about these packs, as they should offer some enthusiasm for new families and pupils just beginning at our fabulous school, even when they cannot join us in person!”

After Shannon had delivered some packs herself she added: “I just dropped off at one house, and the little girl started crying; she said she was so excited to start our school!”



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