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The Waterways Chaplaincy arrives at the Norfolk Broads

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The Waterways Chaplaincy are expanding their work to the Norfolk Broads.

Angie Baldwin, an experienced chaplain has moved into the area and been joined by Mike Cadman, who has recently been commissioned following a training period, but with lots of experience in other areas of public life, to establish a ‘hub’ on the Broads.

Both chaplains will have their own ‘patch’ to work as part of those communities but with the Broads being very much a holiday destination, they will also work across the whole area to try and provide the pastoral support, for which the chaplaincy is well known, to all who use the waterways. They will look to recruit additional chaplains to provide a better coverage across the Broads and work to get to know those who live and work on and near the local rivers and Broads.

Angie and Mike are delighted with the reception they have received from the Broads Authority and Norfolk Police which will enable them to target their pastoral work where it is most needed. Mike said, “If you see us around in our gilets or in a boat with our banners please say ‘hello’ we would be happy to talk and help in anyway we can.”