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Seventy churches set up for digital roll out

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In 2021 alone, churches across the country received digital donations and payments of almost £5m. That’s why the Church of England’s National Giving Team embarked on a three-year project to help thousands more churches get started with digital giving.

Our Diocese has just completed the first phase of the digital rollout. Last month the Generous Giving Team spent a day in Wymondham, Fakenham and North Walsham training people on how to use the new machines. In total 70 machines were distributed.

Going forward the team will support these parishes to ensure they are getting the most out of their contactless machine.

Robert Culyer, Generous Giving Adviser said: “As we move increasingly towards a cashless society it is really encouraging for us to be able to help these parishes prepare themselves for the future. Other dioceses which have completed their rollout have found that on average each machine is taking £1300 per year. The contactless machines really come into their own for weddings, baptisms and funerals, when people attending these life events may not be carrying cash. Also, churches who have tourists will benefit from enabling those visitors to give to support the work of the church.”

The team we have had some really lovely feedback from those who attended the sessions.

Rita from Besthorpe emailed to say: “May I say that the whole team were a delight and we came away, after quite a while, saying what a lovely bunch of people you were, so helpful, friendly and nothing was made of the chaos we caused.”

The Generous Giving Team now have some machines that parishes may borrow on a ‘try before you buy basis’. If you would like to find out more please email the team or call 01603 882326 for more information.