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Quidenham Group launches summer club throughout August

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Each week, activities such as immersive Bible stories, painting, crafts and flower arranging have been used to explore the theme of creation. Members of a neighbouring Benefice joined in by leading music sessions where the children had the opportunity to play handbells and experiment with different sounds and pitches. Banham Bear and Barney the Muppet (puppets) were hugely popular as they guided the children through the activities.

The Revd Sarah Walsh, Priest in Charge of Quidenham Benefice expressed how greatfull she was to be able to borrow games from the Children, Youth and Families Resource Centre, and how marvellous it was to see the children really enjoying themselves with all the different games and activities.

It’s been a really rewarding and enjoyable experience to be able to provide some activities for the children of the Benefice during the summer holidays. It has also been great to be able to mix, not only with the children, but also with the adults. We are hoping to continue doing different things like this throughout the year, as it has been a wonderful way of building community and ministering to children and the adults that have accompanied them. We have been blessed by having a group of dedicated and committed members of the church community who have worked very well together to make this such a fun event. The club has generated a lot of interest in the local area, including the cafe church where everyone admired the children’s proudly displayed artwork”. 

Rachael Borenkova, one of the volunteers leading the event, said it’s been a great example of team work. “Everyone involved has played to their strengths, we are lucky to be surrounded by lots of different creative talents. It’s also been really helpful to have so much equipment and games available to borrow from the Resource Centre in Easton, and everything we asked for they were able to provide!”

As the summer club draws to a close, the walls of St. Mary’s Banham will proudly showcase the beautiful artwork produced during this period. Overwhelmed by the positive response, the Quidenham Benefice are eager to plan similar events throughout the year. Their goal is to continue nurturing and strengthening the bonds with the younger members of their community within the Quidenham Group.

If, like the Quidenham Benefice, you would like to borrow items from the Resource Centre to enhance your holiday club or event, please get in contact with or visit the Resource Centre.