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Norfolk teacher helps raise money for ‘Street Child’

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In a society that is ever more focused on self, a Norfolk school have been embracing the Christian values of compassion and charity. They broadened their horizons by learning about and fundraising for schools in Sierra Leone.

Louise Jackson, who is also a member of St Thomas’ Church in Norwich, hoped to encourage the school children to have a more outward focus, and to give them the opportunity to practice the school’s Christian values in a much wider context.

Miss Jackson invited in the social action arm of her church, St Thomas Norwich Trust, who are linked with the charity Street Child, an educational charity primarily based in Sierra Leone. The children enjoyed a morning of learning about both the country and the charity, with a particular focus on the differences in education between schools in Norfolk and in Sierra Leone.

The children then took fundraising into their own hands, running a bake sale, a plant sale and holding a non-uniform day. They also collected old raincoats for the STN Trust Team to take out to the children in Sierra Leone, to enable them to continue walking to school during the rainy season.

Miss Jackson and the STN Trust Team travelled to Sierra Leone in May to visit the three schools they support, taking with them gifts of school equipment, and spending time in the classrooms, playing games and singing with the children. In addition to this, they took part in the Sierra Leone Marathon and Half Marathon in order to raise money for Street Child.

‘The whole trip was an amazing experience, not only for me but also for the children and the community who I could share it with, both before I went, and on my return,’ explained Miss Jackson. ‘Showing the children and their parents pictures and videos, and explaining how our fundraising could and will help children who have so little, was a really valuable and rewarding lesson for all.’