Hopton Academy fundraises for Ukraine

7 March 2022

Due to the media coverage of events in Russia and Ukraine, the pupils from Hopton Church of England Primary Academy, have become increasingly curious about the global dimension of the conflict and what role the United Kingdom may play within it.

At Hopton, their inclusive Christian ethos is embedded in the compassion they show for others, ourselves and the community. Faith is at the root of their school family, with love and care being at the heart of everything they do.

On Friday Hopton Church of England Primary Academy celebrated their half-termly Values Day in school. The staff decided that their learning would take place through the lens of compassion, making connections to the Christian parable of ‘The Good Samaritan’. Children had the opportunity to explore and develop an understanding of the events taking place in our world, appropriate to their age and phase.

As a school, they used actions and attitudes to reflect kindness, to give strength, and to be there for others. Their values become tangible through the behaviours of us all.

Headteacher Kellie Egleton said: “We have begun making donations to the British Red Cross, Save the Children and a Children’s Cancer Charity working to support the children who find themselves at the centre of this crisis. The children have also begun making a prayer garden in our beautiful grounds for quiet contemplation and personal reflection.

“Inspired by our learning, a number of our pupils decided to take action. Three of our pupils raised over £1000 selling dog biscuits to passers-by on Gorleston Cliffs whilst another pupil raised a further £250 selling bags of home-made sweets. Two pupils in Year 2 are completing Readathons and Litter picks. So far, these incredible children have raised close to £2000! We have been humbled by the kindness shown by our young people at Hopton and their families. The consideration and empathy of our pupils demonstrates a maturity which far exceeds their age. These are such exceptionally compassionate things to do. Leaders of the future – I very much hope!”

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