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International Day Celebrated at Primary School 

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Children at Parker’s Church of England Primary Academy in Saham Toney near Swaffham enjoyed celebrating International Day on Friday 24th June.

The children in each class learnt different facts about the country they were visiting, the national flag, famous landmarks, traditions and languages spoken. Firefly Class learnt ‘La Cucaracha’ in Spanish, which is about a cockroach who lost her back legs and Dragonfly Class 4 had a go at yodelling.

The children filled in passports, luggage labels and tickets prior to the day and on the day the school hall was transformed into ‘Parker’s Prime Air’ airport.

All the staff dressed as airport crew wearing neck ties and badges, there was even a pilot.

The children came to school with their suitcases and each class flew to a different destination. As they entered the airport their luggage was weighed and trolleyed away. They then had their passport checked and stamped and walked through a security gate which sounded an alarm when they were carrying anything they shouldn’t have been.

After waiting in the boarding area, the air hostess took them onto the plane and after the safety talk sound effects of taking off and photos of views were displayed. Only one child’s luggage was unfortunately misplaced and had been sent to the wrong destination. Surprisingly all flights ran on time and there were no delays, however, each flight experienced some turbulence.

In the afternoon, each class made and sampled foods from the countries they were visiting and a whole school assembly, to which parents were invited, was held at the end of the day when the children shared their learning.

Alissia in Year 1 said: ‘It was the best day of my life!’

Mrs Debbie Cross said: “Thanks to all the staff and helpers who made this day such a success.”