donate-button.pngThe Bishops' Lent Appeal 2020

The Lent Appeal 2020 is supporting the Diocese of Dogura in Papua New Guinea in buying a car.

The mission in Dogura, Papua New Guinea has a history that spans back almost 130 years; to the day when two Anglican missionaries convinced the warriors in Milne Bay Province not to kill them. The warriors were so moved by the missionaries’ message of peace and love that they gave the area of land on which they held their battles, a plateau 1,000 feet above the sea, to the missionaries.

On this land, the missionaries built a chapel of bush materials. A tree then grew from a post of that chapel and became the Modawa tree; a symbol for growth and hope for the Church of England in Papua New Guinea. The area is soaked in symbolism for the 1,000 people who now live there, and the story of the missionaries and the tree inspires them to speak the gospel in Papua New Guinea.

The 2020 Lent Appeal is directed at getting the community of Dogura a car to reach neighbouring villages for evangelism; or get to main towns for training and access to key medical supplies. Transport currently involves descending from the plateau to a boat ride across the sea and then up to a two-hour wait for the “bus” – a truck from Awaiama – which may not arrive at all.

Your generosity will mean that the community of Dogura can remain on the site of their heritage and continue their good work throughout their Diocese as well as reach essential supplies for themselves. Your money will go towards buying a car, a Landcruiser or similar, for use by hospital staff, school teachers, and diocesan staff.

In addition, as we do every other year, we seek to support the Archbishop of Papua New Guinea's work to encourage his clergy and their mission and to facilitate the continuance of our remarkable link over such a huge distance.

As well as supporting the wider community, the car will specifically enable:

  • Christian education 
    The Dogura plateau is home to one of Papua New Guinea's two church high schools - which attracts students from across the country.
  • Complex and sensitive medical work
    The hospital caters to a variety of needs, from young mothers and paediatric illnesses to those suffering with tuberculosis.
  • Accessible administration
    Most of the Diocese's central administration is situated on the plateau with no reliable way to reach the rest of the Diocese.