donate-button.pngThe Bishops' Lent Appeal 2019

The Lent Appeal 2019 is focused on supporting the Church of North India in tackling modern day slavery.

We have partnered with USPG, who in turn are working with the Diocese of Durgapur to support people where the need is great.

Kaliyaganj is located on the border between India and Bangladesh. The local residents are illiterate and live below the poverty line, earning less than US $1 per day, which is a major reason for trafficking in this area. People unwittingly get trafficked due to lack of job opportunities, their socio-economic status and due to their lack of awareness about human trafficking.

The Diocese of Durgapur’s Anti-Human Trafficking programme focuses on creating awareness about human trafficking and helps the local residents be aware of the various ways traffickers employ to dupe people into this form of modern human slavery.

The programme also gives knowledge about the various steps they can take before and after trafficking (preventive and curative measures) and the various organisations they can turn to and the legal help they can take recourse to in case of victimisation.

As well as supporting the wider programme, some of your gift will specifically support the education of children living in Balhura Safe House:

  • Ongoing education support
    We want to enable the children to access normal daytime schooling by paying for their school materials, school fees and food.
  • Provision of a computer lab
    Computer literacy is essential for the up-coming generation and this will enable them to have access to and practice using computers within the building.
  • Provision of a library
    A library will enable the children to have a good education and literacy skills. Your financial support will enable relevant and stimulating books to be purchased and the library to be kitted out.